General Dentistry Assessments

Initial consultation                                                         £75

Routine consultation                                                     £63

Under 16’s consultation                                                £31.50

Under 5’s consultation                                                  £15

Registered patient emergency*                                    £63

*this cost excludes operative treatment.


Specialist and Advanced Dentistry Consultations

Consultation with Specialist in Endodontics                 £157.50

Consultation with Specialist in Prosthodontics             £157.50

Oral surgery consultation                                             £157.50

Hygiene care

Hygienist appointment (30mins)                                  £60

Extended hygienist appointment(45mins)                   £90

Tooth whitening

At home tooth whitening from                                                £315

Whitening top ups from                                                           £53

Internal bleaching from                                                           £252 

Restorative treatments

Fillings                                                                              from £120

Crowns                                                                             from £787.50

Veneers from                                                                   from £787.50

Cast post and core                                                          from £450

Fibre post and composite core                                        from £200

Replacing missing teeth

Bridges                                                                                    from £845

Dentures                                                                                 from £800

Additions to dentures                                                              from £150

Implants                                                                                  from £2400

Root canal treatment

Pulp therapy                                from £350

Root canal treatment                   from £560

Root canal retreatment               from £615

Restorability assessment                    £350

Surgical Perforation repair                    £600

Minor oral surgery

Apicectomy from £875

Extractions: from £175

Surgical extractions: from £350

Surgical wisdom tooth extraction: from £475

Histopathology report:           from £140

Biocompatible augmentation materials:  individual quotation

Additional fees

Sports mouth guards: from £75

DPT radiograph: £63

Cone beam CT radiograph: from £170

Articulated diagnostic casts: from £162

Complex or extensive clinical report: from £126

Hard occlusal splint: from £420

Prescriptions: £15

Terms and conditions:

Taunton Dental Practice provides dental care on a private basis only. The cost of treatment is based on the complexity, clinical time and the materials required. A quotation can be provided with a treatment plan following consultation.

All quotes are valid for 90 days and exclude VAT; the provision of dental services is currently exempt from VAT.

If any treatment is abandoned there would be a fee relative to the time and materials used instead of the quoted fees. We reserve the right to charge further fees for additional treatment that is indicated.

For treatment involving laboratory work, 50% of the fee is charged at the commencement of treatment.

For appointments with Hygienists a 50% pre-paid deposit is required at the time of booking the appointment.

Accounts must be settled on the same day after each stage of treatment. We reserve the right to charge administration fees on overdue accounts.

Payments can be made by cash or card with the exception of American Express.

Details of the practices privacy policy are available on the website.

Cancellation policy:

We would be grateful of 5 working days’ notice to cancel or reschedule appointments to facilitate the efficient running of our services.

Appointments with Dentists that are not attended, or are cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice incur a charge of £20 per 15 minutes of your booked appointment.

Appointments with Hygienists that are not attended, or are cancelled with less than 5 working days’ notice incur a charge equivalent to the booking deposit.

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